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Movers Calgary

Moving and Storage

Hiring professional movers minimizes your risk of personal injury and property damage. Our movers are trained to secure furniture items and your property before they safely handle any piece of furniture. Our trucks are equipped with all the tools a professional mover needs for a smooth, stress free move. At A Plus Movers we offer premium storage units at very competitive pricing. Our storage special is most suitable for short term storage requirements.

Packaging Services

Our professional movers can be hired to pack and unpack all items being moved. We can also shrink wrap couches, mattresses and box springs to provide extra protection and have them ready for moving. All our moving trucks come equipped with all the necessary tools needed to disassemble and reassemble furniture after moving.

Movers Calgary

Piano Moving

A professional mover moves 2 pianos on average every week. Our movers are trained to disassemble a piano, shrink wrap it and secure it in moving pads and strap it down to piano skids in order to move it safely from or into your home. Floor runners and moving pads are used to protect the floor from getting damaged. We can also help our esteemed customers get their piano tuned a while after it is moved.

Movers Calgary

Junk Removal

Whether it was old furniture, newspapers, toys, gym equipment or appliances we will help you get rid of it all. We provide junk removal services to Okotoks, Chestermere, Airdrie, Cochrane, High River and Calgary. We will work with you or your stagers to help you get rid of all the items you don't need. We can help eliminate all the side effects of hoarding. We will clear out basements, garages, attics, and sheds. We will work fast and efficiently and when we are done, your home will be ready for moving or staging.

Office Moving

Office and commercial moving require precise planning and organization efforts. At A Plus Movers our moving associates will work to meet your deadlines, needs and budget making your office move as smooth as possible. Our experienced movers allow A Plus Movers to guarantee that your upcoming business move is handled swiftly and effectively. Whether you are moving your office across the country or across the hall, our movers will make sure your equipment, data, files, and furniture are completely safe and damage free.

Long Distance Moving

Driving a rental truck can be a tedious and dangerous task for untrained individuals. Most of these rental trucks have a track record of mechanical failures due to poor maintenance and abusive operational practices. Your costs will include your downtime, lodgings, fuel and moving equipment such as moving pads and dollies. Our competitive long distance rates guarantees you the best value you can get for your move in Alberta or throughout western Canada. Mid month specials are provided for customers moving to Edmonton, Lloydminster, Fort McMurray Lethbridge and Vancouver.

  • "We insist on using A+Plus Movers and can only report complete and utter elation..."

    - Lisa Crumpet
  • "We've been using A+Plus Movers for years and can only report complete and utter satisfaction..."

    - Robert Simons


Movers Calgary
Movers Calgary
Movers Calgary
Movers Calgary
Movers Calgary
Movers Calgary
Movers Calgary
Movers Calgary
Movers Calgary


We provide around the clock moving services to satisfy your personal and professional moving needs. We are available 24/7. You can call us anytime.


A+Plus Movers has been in business for the last ten years; we started by offering local residential moving and branched out to office and long distance residential moving services.

Most of our movers have over 7 years of experience. They are trained to handle your belonging with the utmost care. During our periodical training sessions strong emphasis is placed on safety and proper customer service practices.

At A+Plus Movers we pride ourselves on acquiring most of our esteemed clients through referrals or word of mouth. We believe that a satisfied customer is our most precious marketing asset.

We keep contact with our customer before, during and after the moving day. We try and get constant feedback and try to accommodate all the changes needed to complete your moving plans.




If you decided on not needing our professional packing services, please follow this order, you will find the following packing tips very useful.


Packing Small Appliances

Items such as clocks, small radios and other small appliances should be wrapped individually and packed in smaller boxes cushioned with crushed paper or towels.


Packing Collectibles & other Valuable Items

Bubble wrap is used for exceptionally valuable and fragile items. Then wrap carefully in newsprint which has been crushed and flattened out before placing it in a box. Make sure that there are no spaces left empty between the newsprint and the box.


Packing Picture Frames, Mirrors & Canvas

Wrap it individually and carefully in fabric. A bath towel or small blanket makes an excellent outer wrapping and padding for the glass.


Packing Music Records, CDs and DVDs

Records are heavy and should be packed in small book boxes that are of a similar size. If records are not in jackets, wrap individually in tissue paper or plastic wrap to protect against scratching. Stand records and compact discs on their edge on a layer of crushed paper or a small face towel. Support at both ends with a large, hardcover book or several pieces of cardboard cut to fit.


Packing Cups

Wrap cups individually, protecting handles with an extra layers of packing paper.


Silverware or Silver Plates

Silverware pieces should be completely enclosed in fresh, clean tissue paper or plastic wrap. If the silverware is in a chest, you still may want to wrap the pieces individually and replace in the chest. Or fill in all empty spaces in the chest with tissue paper or paper towels as items may shift in transit causing scratches and minor damage. Wrap the chest with a large bath towel.


Glassware & China

Glassware and china that are less in 18 inches in size should be wrapped individually in enough packing paper to keep them from shifting inside the box causing them to breaking or fracture each other. These items are then placed in special corrugated boxes to keep their outside edges protected during transit. All boxes containing glassware or china should be marked fragile.


Large Plates & Platters

Larger plates, platters and other fragile flat items should be placed and wrapped individually with cushioning material surrounding them; you can use towels, blankets or cushions. They are then placed in double layered corrugated boxes.


Packing Bowls

Wrap in a similar way as larger plates. Stand shallow bowls on edge in the box and deep ones nested two or three together, upside down on their rims. Wrap cream pitchers in packing paper, then a double outer wrapping. Place sugar bowls, cream pitchers, sauce container and similar pieces upright in the box.


Packing Lamps

Remove the lamp bulb and the lamp shade, wrap the base, shade and bulb separately in newsprint or fabric. Place together in a carton, filling spaces with crushed paper or newsprint.


Packing Books & Folders

Pack books on their edges. Alternate bound edges and open edges. Pack books of the same general size together. Use smaller boxes for books or boxes rated to hold more weight.


Packing Linens & Bedding

Blankets, sheets, tablecloths, towels, pillowcases and other linens may be protected by a large plastic bag and packed into larger boxes.


Packing Clothing

Clothing is usually the last item to go. Clothing left on hangers and placed in wardrobe Boxes available on our trucks leaving your clothes wrinkle-free and ready to wear without the need for pressing.


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